Howard Floss

Howard Floss

Howard Floss is a public speaker, humorist and author specializing in anger management.

Various statistics tell us that over fifty percent of marriages end in divorce where anger is a key issue. As a society we seem to have come to the conclusion that anger is simply a by-product of marriage. This has caused so many people to accept that unresolved anger just leads to “irreconcilable differences” and amicable divorce soon follows. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Howard Floss can help you break the anger cycle. He will help you identify the chain of behaviors that lead up to anger and teach you how to break this chain. You will learn how to substitute good behaviors for the destructive ones.

Floss has co-authored with Dr. Joel Patton a book called Breaking the Anger Circle, a comprehensive manual that could help save your marriage or relationship. Howard is also available to speak at your church or civic organization. To learn more, please watch this video: